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The new XPPLUG plugin of the SCNET4™ system for Milestone XProtect® offers a true real-time integration of the SCNET4 access control system with this VMS solution.

Providing a direct link between the access control system and the video-surveillance, it allows the establishment of a unified interface, HARMONY, creating communication links with other security techniques such as the intrusion management, the video intercom systems or license plate recognition tools.

This integration not only offers a unique environment for the graphic supervision of your security installation, but it also provides federated tools for searching events. A direct link can therefore be easily established between the different techniques, easing the analysis when unexpected event occur. Complex automated rules can also be created in a very simple way in order to establish clever and efficient interactions between those techniques.

This integration therefore provides cost cuttings for the implementation and exploitation of your security systems, decreasing the amount time needed for their installation and the quantity of equipment required for their management, and guaranteeing a more efficient time usage for the staff involved in managing your security infrastructure

Compatible with the high security features brought by the SECURE option of the SCNET4 system, this solution works with both version 2 and 3 of the SCNET4 system.

Working in collaboration with Assa-Abloy, NCS has obtained the certification for its integration of Aperio® Online products in the SCNET4™ V3 system.


At the same time, we were able to test and validate the new H100 door handles coming on the market at the beginning of 2018. Those products, in addition to their elegant and slim design bring numerous advantages. While guaranteeing all the regular functions of other Aperio® Online products, these door handles facilitate the placement, are compatible with fire resistant doors and offer a competitive solutions in comparison to other products on the market. Used together with AS100 door contacts, they offer an easy integration of all the security elements required for the implementation of a secured access control system on your doors.


Equipped with RFID readers, they support identification technologies compatible with the ISO/IEC 144443 standard such as MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® EV1 or iCLASS® and iCLASS Seos technologies from HID global. They therefore bring together the secured usage of identification products and reliable wireless link between the door and the communication hub, secured using AES encryption for all the communications. Doing so, these products fit in the strong security policy implemented in SECURE™ option of the SCNET4™ system.

NCS and Scaline are registered trademarks of National Control Systems S.A.
Scaline International is a division of National Control Systems S.A.
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Aperio® is a registered trademark of the ASSA ABLOY group.
MIFARE and MIFARE DESFire are registered trademarks of NXP B.V.
HID, iCLASS and SeoS are registered trademarks of HID Global in the US and in other countries.

2017 has just ended on a very good note for NCS : new technical achievements, the complete integration of Assa-Abloy® Aperio® online solutions, the finalization of several large sites and very nice commercial perspectives for 2018! None of this would have been possible without the trust our customers gave us or the continued support of our partners.

Therefore, we wish to thank all of you for all the realizations of 2017 and hope we will continue to meet your expectations in 2018. We wish you a happy new year and the best for the year to come!

The SCNET4™ Version 3 system of NCS® now supports up to 4 online Aperio® locking devices on a single SC4x5™ controller.

With the integration of the Aperio® online protocol directly within the controllers, the SCNET4™ system provides a complementary solution to its classical access control functions through a simple, reliable and intelligent mean of door control while guaranteeing their real time management even if the communication link with the central server fails.


Aperio® solutions work around a wireless protocol (IEEE 802.15.4) ensuring the communication between online locking devices and hubs (connected with the SC4x5™ controller through a RS-485 bus) on  which they are paired. These devices being equipped with an RFID card reader, they support identification technologies compatible with the ISO/IEC 14443-A and B standards, amongst which MIFARE® Classic®, MIFARE DESFire® EV1 or iCLASS® and iCLASS Seos from HID Global. They therefore guarantee a secured usage of  identification tokens which is completed by a full AES encryption of the wireless link between the hubs and the Aperio® devices; in this way they fit with the strong security management solution brought by the SECURE™ option of the SCNET4™ Version 3 system.


Whether working with C100 electronic cylinders, E100 handles, L100 locks or KS100 server cabinet locks, the SC4x5™ controllers ensure a strong secured link between the access control system and the Aperio® devices. With the possibility to distribute those devices indifferently from the number of hubs connected to the controllers on a single RS-485 bus, each controller manages the paired products, ensuring a bidirectional communication of events and commands. Also offering the possibility to extend the function provided by cylinders and handles using the AS100 door contacts, the system can monitor all door states and provide a mean for the complete surveillance of connected accesses.


With the integration of this solution on your SCNET4™ system, you can guarantee a unified door management for both standard cabled doors and online locks while ensuring lasting security and reliability of your access control system.

NCS and Scaline are registered trademarks of National Control Systems S.A.
Scaline International is a division of National Control Systems S.A.
SC4x5 and SCNET4 are trademarks of Scaline International.
Aperio® is a registered trademark of the ASSA ABLOY group.
MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire are registered trademarks of de NXP B.V.
HID, iCLASS et SeoS are registered trademarks of HID Global in the United States and other countries.


NCS HID mobile Access integration

During a contact taken in October 2016 through HID’s website, one of the major public relations agency in Belgium asked us to secure the new offices that they will enter in December 2016.


Their major concern included the reliability, future proofness and innovation of the chosen solution together with its fast implementation. As they manage the public image of many large companies in Belgium, they were also particularly interested by the modern image offered by a solution using smartphone to handle their access control system and by the undifferentiated support for HID Mobile Access™ for Apple® or Android™ mobile devices.


Since then, several NCS customer decided to make the move towards this technology, either to deploy all their identifiers mapped onto their SCNET4 system or as a complement to the identification solutions already in place in their infrastructure.


As a HID partner, and thanks to the flexibility of its SCNET4™ version 3 product, we could propose an adapted, economic and efficient solution enabling them to use classic identification tags together with a smartphone application which would guarantee the security of both their building and users.


Indeed, the HID Mobile Access™ solution attached to their multiCLASS SE® readers make use of NFC or Bluetooth® technologies and supports the latest generation smartphones, tablets and connected objects while still supporting classic RFID identification cards and tags.


Directly connected to the SC4x5™ controllers of NCS, using either Wiegand or secured OSDP™ connections, this global solution not only features all classic tag functionalities but also ensures that highest levels of security and can cover reading distance from a few centimeters to several meters in a single application installed on your Android™ or Apple® powered smart object.

NCS and Scaline are trademarks of National Control Systems S.A.
Scaline International is a division of National Control Systems S.A.
SC4x5 and SCNET4 are trademarks of Scaline International.
HID, HID Mobile Access and multiCLASS SE are trademarks of HID Global in the U.S. and/or other countries.
Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
OSDP is a trademark of the Security Industry Association.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc.

NCS’s team wants to thank you for your trust and all the great achievements of 2016. During this year, thanks to your continued support, we have been able to implement a new website, new products such as the SCNET4™ SECURE™ option and to bring new functionalities to our SCNET4™ solution.



We wish you the best for this New Year and hope to meet your expectations, once again, in 2017. For that purpose, new options, integrated in our electronic security solutions, will be added to our current product offer.

NCS OSDP integration

The Security Industry Association (SIA) OSDP™ protocol allows connecting RFID readers of many types and brands on a single RS232/RS485 serial link. With the possibility to address multiple readers on a single bus, it supports secured communication relying on AES 128 bits encryption of the exchange messages. As a standard protocol it is interoperable and does not belong to a reader manufacturer but is rather implemented by many of them (HID Global, TagMaster, STid, Suprema, …). It helps achieving an interactive LED, keypad, screen or biometric functions control.


NCS® integrates it in its SC4x5™ controllers used with its SCNET4™ version 3 system. Through this integration, NCS opens the possibility for your PACS system’s evolution, enabling the support of many tag technologies (125 kHz, MIFARE®, HID® iCLASS SeoS®, UHF, …) on a single protocol, easing the implementation and maintenance of your infrastructure while providing the highest security level. With such a protocol, the controllers from NCS can handle up to 4 readers on a single controller, decreasing the amount of material and cabling of your system.


This solutions also helps you migration your PACS infrastructure, offering you the possibility to use a single reader technology supporting multiple tag formats and to evolve, for example, from an old proximity card family to more secured standards such as MIFARE DESFire® EV1 or even mobile access solutions using you smartphones.

NCS and Scaline are registered trademarks of National Control Systems S.A.
Scaline international is a division of National Control Systems S.A.
SC4x5 and SCNET4 are registered trademarks of Scaline International.
HID, iCLAS and SeoS are registered trademarks of HID global in the US and/or in other countries.
OSDP is a registered trademark of the Security Industry Association.
MIFARE and MIFARE DESFire are registered trademarks of NXP B.V.

Today, NCS launches its new logo, web site and digital services for its customers.

This new digital identity will help us deploy new tools and product to better serve our customers and improve the way we share information about our products and services.

The SCNET4™ SECURE satisfies the most demanding security standards. This new version uses TLS 1.2 (certificates and encryption) for connections between the server, clients and controllers. Communications with the readers are encrypted and authenticated. MIFARE DESFire® EV1 badge management uses advanced techniques for random identification, diversified keys and code encryption.  The processes for managing the system are hierarchical, secure and tracked.

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