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SC4x5™ controllers implement the SIA OSDP™ protocol

NCS OSDP integration

SC4x5™ controllers implement the SIA OSDP™ protocol

The Security Industry Association (SIA) OSDP™ protocol allows connecting RFID readers of many types and brands on a single RS232/RS485 serial link. With the possibility to address multiple readers on a single bus, it supports secured communication relying on AES 128 bits encryption of the exchange messages. As a standard protocol it is interoperable and does not belong to a reader manufacturer but is rather implemented by many of them (HID Global, TagMaster, STid, Suprema, …). It helps achieving an interactive LED, keypad, screen or biometric functions control.


NCS® integrates it in its SC4x5™ controllers used with its SCNET4™ version 3 system. Through this integration, NCS opens the possibility for your PACS system’s evolution, enabling the support of many tag technologies (125 kHz, MIFARE®, HID® iCLASS SeoS®, UHF, …) on a single protocol, easing the implementation and maintenance of your infrastructure while providing the highest security level. With such a protocol, the controllers from NCS can handle up to 4 readers on a single controller, decreasing the amount of material and cabling of your system.


This solutions also helps you migration your PACS infrastructure, offering you the possibility to use a single reader technology supporting multiple tag formats and to evolve, for example, from an old proximity card family to more secured standards such as MIFARE DESFire® EV1 or even mobile access solutions using you smartphones.

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