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SC4x5™ Controllers

Unparalleled innovation

The new CP5™ core in the NCS® SC4x5™ controllers combines exceptional power and compactness with an astonishing degree of miniaturisation. This CP5™ core consists of the Linux® system running on a latest-generation ARM® processor. SC4x5™ surpasses both centralised controllers for 8, 16, 32 etc. access points and multi-level interface systems in the smallest to the largest access control and centralised security management installations.

Automate SC4x5

A set of cubes

SC4x5™ is unique and versatile: by assembling these identical, miniaturised and exceptionally powerful cubes, you can create the system you want. The USB port makes it possible to connect peripherals, which Linux can handle with ease.

All networks

SC4x5™ enables both token ring cable and TCP/IP networks. It also contains a web server, making it accessible from anywhere. It can be powered by the PoE function, as its electricity consumption is extremely low.


In SECURE mode, communication with both the server and the badge readers is secured by the most stringent standards of encryption.


SC4x5™ generates savings – thanks to technological advances such as the SCDI™ and ARCDI™ protocols and the MTM5™ technique, each access point represents greater security and much less cabling.

The SC407-BU-54™ cabinet includes a 240-220 V @ 12 V DC uninterrupted power supply for all the controllers in the range. SC407-BU-54™ monitors the state of the electricity network and the battery status.

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