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A simplified integration

Harmony is a security techniques integration concept developped by NCS around its XPPLUG access control  plugin for Milestone XProtect®. It establishes an easy solution to set up, manage and operate based on an open and widely deployed solution. In this way, access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, video intercom and many other techniques can be gathered under a single interface to aggregate their management and automation.

Business or institution, any organization faces the problems of securing its personnel, protecting and defend its vital centers and secrets. The use of a unified supervisory system allows it to address these concerns by improving the efficiency of detection, risk management and response to events while reducing the operating costs of monitoring.

This is the goal of the HARMONY concept: By centralizing information from access control, video surveillance, videoparlophonie, intrusion and fire detection systems, building alarms, HARMONY allows the correlation of events, the verification of information, the unification of control / command of all computer and electronic security systems.

HARMONY improves operating processes and information management, while reducing operating costs. Thanks to the federation of systems which remain autonomous, HARMONY also brings the great advantage of an intrinsic redundancy, essential asset to a resilient operation.

Milestone Systems is the leader in open platform IP Video Management (VMS) software. Milestone Systems has more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

All Milestone XProtect products are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other solution on the market. The supported hardware library is also regularly updated.

In addition, a large number of partners are expanding the ecosystem of integrated solutions every day, ensuring ever more opportunities for interaction between various areas of operation that are related to video surveillance.

Milestone XProtect® is a range of powerful IP video management software, available in 5 * products; It can be multi-site and support an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites. It offers integrated and dynamic plan applications. Capable of managing image walls (from the Expert version), it can work with redundancy servers, and resume management of subsystems (in Corporate version).


The SCNET4 ™ Plugin automatically establishes a seamless link between the SCNET4 ™ system and  Milestone XProtect systems. The NET4-S ™ server transmits to the XProtect ™ event server all access control events, including badge transactions, alarms and status changes.

The HARMONY concept allows you to view these events on the unified graphical views of the XProtect® SmartClient interfaces, correlate them with the images of the cameras, with the detections generated by these cameras or events from other XProtect®-integrated systems (detection intrusion, technical alarms …), to record them with the images, and to generate reports integrating the centralized contents of these different techniques. It is also possible to control the accesses or other functions of SCNET4 ™ from XProtect SmartClient, either manually, by the action of an operator or automatically by control / command programs.

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