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Since 1985,
NCS is the keeper
of your buildings security.
NCS is manufacturing integrated electronic access control,
security management and building monitoring systems.
With a strong focus on innovation, quality and ease of use and integration,
NCS® provides reliable products and services that meet the needs of its customers.

NCS® is well known for products and services
that meet the advanced needs of professionals:

The SCNET4™ system, complete even in its basic version, is fully configurable for simple operation with no need for complex programming.

The SCNET4™ SECURE version provides the highest level of security for communications, badges and management processes.

The Linux®-powered SC4x5™ controllers are miniaturised and highly competitive.

     The badge readers, using a secure encrypted link, can process MIFARE®, DESFire® EV1, CPS3 and Agent badges.

The BUILD™ methodology enables high-quality automated deployment.

Astonishing miniaturisation


NCS®’s innovations offer greater security but also greater simplicity.

  • A single controller, repeated as many times as necessary, enables a system of any size to be assembled like a set of cubes.
  • The SECURE mode satisfies the most stringent security and encryption requirements in a complete, simple and competitive solution.
  • New methods simplify implementation and improve quality.
  • Incremental distribution of the system’s hardware and software components enables limitless evolution and reduces maintenance costs.


Thousands of NCS® installations operate in Africa, the USA and Europe. The company’s clients include corporations in the fields of IT, telecommunications, energy, oil, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance; production, distribution and logistics centres, head offices, research centres, international institutions, hospitals, courts, government ministries and local authorities.

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