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The SCNET4™ suite provides a simple and adaptive solution aligned with the real access control means of your company. Thanks to its strong design focussed on the easiness of implementation, its configuration methods and a reliance on advanced technologies, it offers a solution keeping the deployment and maintenance costs of your access control system under control. The integration of controllers offering backward compatibility guarantees the longevity of your existing systems while opening a door towards their upgradability.



SCNET4™ is the integrated access control system of NCS. It features software components and advanced controllers to offer a secure, flexible and scalable access management solution. By building on its ergonomic interfaces, the built-in methodologies, it provides a simple to implement product enabling you to keep your project deployment under control.



By choosing the SECURE option of the SCNET4 system, you activate a complete data and procedure securing of your access management. Using TLS 1.2 based communications on IP networks, transparent and ciphered communications between controllers and tag readers and a centralized management of people identifiers, the SECURE option enables you to enforce data resiliency and confidentiality within the whole system.


SC4x4 Controllers

The SC4x4™ controllers of NCS enable to extend the support of your deployed systems using the SCNET4 Version 2 with controllers based on the latest hardware innovations of NCS. Providing a full compatibility with the former SC400™ controllers, these controllers pave the way towards a full upgrade of your existing installations.


SC4x5 Controllers

The brand new SC4x5™ controllers benefit from the latest developments made by NCS using the latest ARM® processors, a Linux® based operating system and targeting a full miniaturization of a high performance platform. Being the base brick of SCNET4™ systems, these controllers bring multiple functionalities to guarantee a very high security level of your access management solution together with flexibility and scalability in your implementations.


Tag readers

A wide variety of tag readers can be connected and used together with the SCNET4™ system of NCS. It indeed supports the large majority of identification technologies, from the oldest to the newest. NCS offers today readers from its own brand Scaline but we also partner with major leaders as Assa-Abloy®, Balogh®, HID®, STid® and many more.


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