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Following the shortage of unique serial numbers in the MIFARE Classic® range announced by NXP®, changes to the technical specification sof the MIFARE range will affect new card deliveries. These changes range from the launch of MIFARE Plus® to the use of so-called 4-byte NUID (32-bit Non-Unique IDentifier) or 7-byte UID (56-bit Unique IDentifier) numbers. These changes make the scenarios for card/reader compatibility more complex. NCS® has adapted its Scaline® range in response to these changes.

Year after year, technological innovations result in increasingly powerful electronic access control systems and reduce the costs of products. However, their deployment has benefited little from technological progress, and methods have remained largely static. NCS® has examined these problems and developed a method called “BUILD™”. Based on high-performance IT tools, BUILD™ automates the configuration of data when a system is deployed and automatically generates connection plans. This continuous process, from drawing board to commissioning, is a major source of savings and increased deployment quality.

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