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The choice of identification technique is crucial, both for the level of security guaranteed by an access control system and for how it will operate. There are many techniques, ranging from the traditional magnetic badge to the programmable electronic badge with secure reading and writing.

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silverhidThe Signo™ platform from HID®offers a complete, modular range of readers compatible with both 125 kHz Indala® and Hid® Prox techniques and 13.56 MHz techniques such as MIFARE® and DESFire EV1® and also with HID Mobile Access.


These readers simultaneously present an OSDP and Wiegand serial communication interface. The choice of interface and its communication parameters is easily achieved using HID’s Reader Manager application.


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stidThe Architect® series from STID® offers a range of highly modular and very attractive readers. Architect® is particularly well-suited to 13.56 MHz applications that require a very high level of security. The range is integrated with the SECURE version


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aperioThe Aperio® electronic locks from Assa Abloy®can control unsupervised access points for a lower installation cost. Linked by radio to SCNET4™, their control is integrated into the global security management system.



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The TagMaster® product range includes UHF (EPC Gen2 ISO 18000-63) readers used with passive tags for long range (up to 8m) automated vehicle identification and hands free access control. Hyper-frequencies solutions (2.5 GHz) are also available using active tags for high performance applications. Moreover, they also provide ANPR products for license plate recognition.


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The Scaline® family from NCS® includes readers and badges using 13.56 MHz read/write technologies such as MIFARE®, DESFire® EV1 and EV2 and CPS3. The SCDI1™ interface protocol used by the Scaline® readers improves security and reduces the cost of the system.


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Other specific techniques are supported by SCNET4™, making it possible to use NFC smartphones, read vehicle number plates, carry out biometric identification based on hand geometry and finger prints, open garage doors or barriers from a distance and locate people or objects. Ask us for details.

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