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SCNET4™ SECURE guarantees the security of data and management processes,
the resilience and integrity of the system and identity authentication.

Download the specifications of SCNET4™ SECURE



SECURE incorporates encryption for communication between all devices.

The SCNET4™ SECURE links between computers, the server and the controllers are secured using the standard TLS 1.2 protocol.

The security of the links between the SC4x5™ controllers and the ARC readers from the STid® Architect™ range is ensured by the encryption (AES) and signature of these exchanges using a message authentication code.

Secure Identifiers

SECURE manages MIFARE® DESFire EV1 access badges securely.

The security of the badge is strengthened by:

– The use of a random card identifier rather than a fixed UID;

– The use of diversified keys for gaining read or write access to content;

– The use of a signature linking the person’s code with the badge.

Authorisation management

SECURE secures system management processes and access to operational data.

Rights are granted by the system administrator based on classes of operation, and they govern access to the system’s functions, control and management data, zones of the site based on their security level and each individual’s data based on their level of accreditation.

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