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SCNET4™ is a complete system that can meet complex needs thanks to its wide range of functions and its customisable automation. However, it remains simple to deploy: technicians do not have to program the processes executed by the controllers, as SCNET4™ takes care of this based on parameters selected freely using clear, simple, familiar language.


icon-BUILDThere is no need to use a programming language to deploy or operate SCNET4™. And thanks to the BUILD™ method, configuration is automatic.

icon-easy-codeThere are no complex processes for installing or updating the software, either: it’s all done by automatic tools. And to extend the system or its functions, there is no need to reinstall software: a simple activation code is enough.

icon-cubesThere are no complex plans to compose, putting together large numbers of diverse devices to construct a system: a single device, the controller, is repeated as many times as needed to assemble a system like a set of cubes. Quick to learn, easy to build, simple to maintain.

icon-unlockNo hidden information: SCNET4™ is delivered open and free by NCS®, and the file structure is fully described to facilitate interoperability. This means that NCS® partners and customers can master the system quickly and completely.

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